HR Management in Dhaka

As a HR consultants in Dhaka we provide complete HR Management in Dhaka which simplifies and streamlines HR processes for talent acquisition, employee performance management, employee development and training, as well as tools for human resource administration, reporting and analysis.


  1. Business visa in Bangladesh:


(1) Work conditions of foreign workers:


  1. Acquiring Employment Card and Employment Book from Labor Office
  2. Entry Bangladesh legally
  3. Valid permission of living
  4. Valid passport
  5. Appreciate evaluation
  6. Healthy without an infectious disease


Labor Office manages working permission and foreign workers should update it every year.


(2) Period of acquisition


It takes about from three mouths to six mouths.


(3) Procedure of acquiring Employment Card and Employment Book


❶ Company declaration of company


In order to do company declaration of company, the following is necessary documents.


  1. Business Registration
  2. Articles of association
  3. Tax Registration
  4. Certification of VAT
  5. Certification of purpose of business


It is necessary to update company declaration of company every three years.


❷ Application of employee quota


It is necessary to apply for employee quota. And it is required to notify Labor Office about salary of employees, contents of work and some other information. It is permitted that employment of foreign workers should be under 10% of Bangladesh based on Labor Office.


❸ Application of work permission and employment card


After acquiring working permission from application of employee quota, the following are necessary documents should be submitted to Labor Office again.


  1. Application form
  2. Employment book
  3. Employment agreement
  4. Passport (copy)
  5. Copy of passport
  6. Picture


Employment agreement is valid for two years and it should be submitted again after two years.


❹ Diagnostic test


It is required to have a diagnostic test in order to acquire working permission and it is also necessary to do it every year.


❺ Payment of registration


❻ Completion of application


It takes about two or three mouths to acquire Employment Book, but it takes about from three mouths to six months to acquire Employment Card.


  1. Our service of Human resource


We will work with your HR team to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your HR department. Our expert consults will assist your team to develop programs, policies, and processes which support a culture of high performance where teamwork, accountability, results, and recognition are key.


Our firm provides HR consulting services across multiple industries including telecoms, banking, FMCG, and hospitality, as well as to public sector and government institutions, development partners, and non-governmental organizations.


Onsite HR Structuring and Development


Our firm is experienced in the assessment of human resource capabilities as well as the structures and procedures, which support your team.


We help you to:


・Identify opportunities to improve quality and performance

・Develop your organizational structure and processes to support business goals

・Create strategies for improving HR effectiveness on limited budgets and with minimal resources

・Design and implement delivery approaches, communication plans, and measurement systems